How to choose a winning casino games?

High variance slots
Mean variance
Most modern slots have medium volatility. That means you can still win a lot but not lose a lot of money at the same time. Examples: South Park, Thunderstruck II, Jack Hammer, Game of Thrones etc. Most of the time these slots make average winnings up to x10, x20 bets etc. Sometimes they give a big win. It will be more pleasant to play such slots, which does not require a large balance. 1,000 bets are enough. Medium volatility slots cannot spend 20-30 spins. And that’s not uncommon. However, negative times were not cancelled. Medium-variable machines cannot produce a single win for 20 to 30 spins in a row. And that’s not uncommon.

For which players are the slots with low variance.
Great blueThe low variance slot machines spend the winnings quite often. But you can wait a long time for a large sum. And maximum such winnings are worth 100-300 bets. Such a sum is sufficient for someone. But compared to high-variance slots that spend up to 5,000 bets, it’s understandable why not all players prefer low volatility. But it is the opposite. Playing slots with little variance is more interesting. The profits are small but frequent. Such slots are suitable for players who want to get a result, otherwise watch the process. One example is the starburst slot. Unpretentious design and no big wins, but it’s interesting to play, isn’t it? Play low variance slots in the following cases:

If you don’t have a big record. You have the possibility to make many turns. The no-win spins in such slots are short and the rewards are frequent. It allows you to extend your fun.
If you just want to have fun. Not everyone is playing for money. And for such players, first place is the process, not the result. There is no point in playing Dead or Alive or 300 Shields if there are much more worthy slot machines for such cases. No need to waste money if you can play for fun and risk small sums?
If you don’t want to wait. You can wait hundreds or even thousands of spins for generous bonuses in high volatility slots. Low variability gives the profits much more often. The player simply cannot get bored and does not have to expect anything other than bonus play. However, this will bring a maximum of x400 bets (extremely rare) so that the total does not affect anything.

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